Keeping the Connection

“Out with the old and in with the new” or in this case out with the old tax season and in with the new tax season. Even though the last tax season is gone and past, it does not mean that the connection between tax professionals and their clients should come to an end. Rather, this should be the time to keep the connection and maintain contact to help make preparations for the new tax season an easier, less stressful, and more successful one.

What Changes Should Be Mentioned?

There are several areas that tax professionals can remind their clients about. The following are the most common areas that cause tax status changes:

  • Change in marital status.
  • Change in size of family due to birth, adoption, or aging of a child.
  • Change in career type.
  • Clients in serious financial trouble and are considering filing for bankruptcy.
  • Clients considering early retirement.

Both tax professionals and their clients can benefit from addressing these changes soon after they occur. It will allow the new tax season to go smoother and will allow plenty of time to make proper adjusts when needed.

Don’t disconnect; keep the connection to ensure a more successful tax season.

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